General Bio

Jay’s interests are rooted in a love of art – drawing as a child, immersing himself in comic illustrations and musing other-worldly characters.

Like most explorative creatives, his education grew through graphic design, website development and designing marketing collateral for small to medium businesses.

Having a personal love for first-person shooting and combat games, the step to finding his stride began when undertaking a multi-media and games degree. This is where he was able to unite a number of unique specialties to craft narratives and program high-quality gaming outcomes.

By modding games at home, studying with a developing passion and showing real programming acumen, Jay was asked by his teachers to take on an educational role himself.

Having taught for the last few years, Jay has been keeping ahead of emerging technologies to ensure his students are engaged, graduate with real-world skills and establish a habit of constant professional evolution – especially in a rapidly changing tech environment.

His desire to make a significant positive impact is backed up with exceptional attention to detail, an understanding of design through to delivery and the ability to work and grown in a team.

He hopes to craft outcomes both he, the team and the company can be proud of.


Skills-Based Bio

Having been immersed in C++ and Unreal since 2012, Jay has spent the better part of 8 years developing narratives, crafting characters and honing his programming skills to build comprehensive games.

It’s with a love of design and development that he found himself studying and then teaching Game Design at Chisholm institute, where he harnessed his people-skills and an upkeep of well-documented, clean and annotated code to teach best-practice industry outcomes.

Problem solving through personal experience, his process has evolved to include a range of useful tools across story structure, character design, story-boarding, programming and testing.

This process allows him to rapidly prototype and build holistic gaming experiences whilst having the ability to solve problems quickly by isolating and overcoming any hurdles that arise during delivery.

With a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence, Jay is excited to continue staying up to date with current industry technology to help his team and company achieve compelling and immersive experiences for new and established gamers.